Warning from Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Good afternoon,

We have recently been advised that a number of Agents have recently been approached by a person by the name of Anthony Curry purporting to be from the US based Company Dramatika Films regarding a film “Men in Time.”

Equity previously became aware of Anthony Curry in August this year when we were approached by a concerned member regarding a casting notice for a film called “The Grit” which was placed on the Starnow and other similar websites. The member was asked to provide a video self test containing nudity for this film. Equity contacted Kym Secrist of Dramatika Films in LA who advised that Dramatika Films had no association with Anthony Curry or the film “The Grit.”

We have again contacted Mr Secrist of Dramatika Films regarding the most recent emails sent by Anthony Curry and Mr Secrist has again confirmed that Dramatika Films have no association with Anthony Curry or “Men in Time”. Dramatika Films are very concerned about the unauthorised use of their name and have previously referred this matter to Australian authorities.

Equity reminds members that performers should not be required to appear nude or semi nude in a first audition or screen tests.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Roisin Beard
National Recorded Media Industrial Organiser
Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance
245 Chalmers St, Redfern, NSW 2016
ph: 02 9333 0966 mob: 0403 440 233
Email: roisin.beard@alliance.org.au

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