Alliance Press release on The Hobbit

Please find below our press statement released late yesterday in regards to our position on The Hobbit:


Equity seeks fair go for NZ actors

NZ Actors Equity says it has no interest in jeopardising the production of The Hobbit in NZ or to see the production move offshore.

President Jennifer Ward-Lealand says that Equity has enormous admiration and respect for Sir Peter’s work, but she is most concerned by many of the comments he made in the statement issued last night.

“We have been seeking the opportunity to meet with the production for over a month now to discuss the minimum terms and conditions for NZ actors on The Hobbit.”

“NZ Actors Equity is concerned that local actors working on the production receive a fair and equitable contract, just as their international colleagues will do. This is only fair,” she said.

“We see no value whatsoever in responding to the matters Sir Peter has raised through the media.  Once again we have written to his production office seeking a meeting to resolve this.”

Simon Whipp
National Director – Equity
Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance
T:  1300 656 512
F:  1300 730 543

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