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Will fiction prove golden?

The latest instalment of Underbelly has turned to true-ish crime to spice up the story, writes Nick Galvin.

When it comes to tales of colourful crims and dodgy cops spiced up with plenty of sex, drugs and violence, we can’t, it seems, get enough. At least that’s what the producers of the latest series of Underbelly are counting on. (more…)

Casting Agents that offend

I am sorry to say that there are casting agents out that blatantly rip off actors. Now don’t get me wrong casting agents are like any other business and need to make a profit to survive. I have no problem with that but it’s the ones  (one in particular these days) that offer the “lousiest” rates. In fact the rates they offer teeter on offensive.  If I was packing shelves at the local supermarket and needed to take time off to do one of  this agents projects it would cost me money.

There are many fine Casting Agencies in Australia, particularly Sydney that are ethical, fair and value their clients. In fact amongst them there are individuals that it’s a privilege to work with.

My gripe is with one particular agent. This agent is not the first and probably not the last to insult actors.

I suggest actors place a higher value on their dignity and say no to these people.


If you are not sure of rates use this link as a guide: Equity Rates Summary

Sex story delivers blow to Underbelly – SMH – 04 Mar.10

The next series of the hit television show Underbelly may be in doubt after a former Kings Cross police officer portrayed in the program has threatened to sue for defamation.

Yesterday lawyers for Wendy Gaye Hatfield asked the Supreme Court to allow her to preview episodes from Underbelly: the Golden Years, to determine whether she has been defamed and whether she has grounds to stop all or some of the show from going to air. (more…)