Budget cuts for ABC, SBS, Screen Australia – IF – 13 May.14

The ABC and SBS will lose a combined $43.5 million in funding over four years and the ABC’s contract for the pan-Asian Australia Network is being terminated.

Screen Australia will incur a $25.1 million funding cut: $5.2 million in 2014-2015 and $5.3 million, $7.3 million and $7.3 million in the ensuing years. This may affect programs such as the revamped Enterprise Industry scheme, whose annual allocation depended on the Budget.

In the financial year ending June 30 the agency received $100.8 million. The government will achieve savings of $87.1 million over four years by reducing funding to arts programs administered by the Attorney-General’s Department, the Australia Council and Screen Australia. It said these savings would be redirected to “repair the Budget and fund policy priorities.” (more…)

Hamdan pictures himself as the next Vinnie Jones – SMH – 10 Dec.2010

BOXER Nader Hamdan plans to become ”Australia’s Vinnie Jones” after starting his acting career with a villainous role in SBS’s award-winning drama East West 101.

Hamdan plans to pursue acting full-time when he retires from the sport, most likely next year, and believes his controversial career will boost his chances of landing ”bad guy” roles. Ever the agitator, Hamdan has infuriated authorities and fans with foul-mouthed tirades and trash talk in recent years. His popularity sank after his appearance in the reality show The Contender, where he continually challenged and berated fellow contestants, but he says it has been a deliberate ploy. (more…)