Rhianne Evelyn-Ross

Congratulations Rhianne Evelyn-Ross and the team of “Deuce Cooper: The Bloomfield Case” – 2nd at Short & Sweet

Rhianne’s play,  “Deuce Cooper: The Bloomfield Case” came 2nd overall (Judges choice) in Short n Sweet wildcards.

To put that into perspective, there was 80 wildcard plays across the season.

Rhianne Evelyn-Ross in “Camille”

Rhianne Evelyn-Ross in "Camille"

Matthew Grego as “The Count” and Rhianne Evelyn-Ross as “Clemence”







“This enticing story of the famous courtesan is a delicious mix of sex, death and chocolate. Together the dramatic and comedic twists and turns of plot pose the question: Who is responsible for the destruction? The madam who exploits her, the marquis who breaks her heart, the man who demands too much of her or does Marie herself kill all hope when she makes her choice to be Marguerite the lady of the Camellias?”

Rhianne plays Clemence, a young, naive Courtesan. A colleague and friend of Marguerite. Clemence is the light-hearted comic relief in the play and is a joy to create.

Group picture the Courtesans and Madame. L-R Rhianne Evelyn-Ross as “Clemence”, Imogen French as “Prudence”, Gemma Knight as “Sophie” and Paloma Alma as “Marguerite”.








Opens at Star of the Sea Theatre, Manly 11th July 2015 and will be on Friday, Saturday nights and Sunday afternoons for 3 weeks.