made for this

Web Series Wednesday: Made For This

Domenic Di Mento, Bonnie Ferguson and Steven Carnuccio in Made For This.

Directed by Aaron Warwick
Written by Domenic Di Mento, Steven Carnuccio and Daniel Pike
Produced by Domenic Di Mento, Steven Carnuccio, Daniel Pike, Waseem Khan and Aaron Warwick
Starring Domenic Di Mento, Steven Carnuccio, Bonnie Ferguson, Maha Wilson, Cramer Cain, Waseem Khan, Erin Connor and Tia Naris

Co-written by Highlight Pictures

The struggle to forge a career in the entertainment industry is one that every creative knows all too well. It requires a strong mindset and constant hustle; setting meetings, attending auditions and pushing as hard as one can to get a moment in the spotlight. For most, this day-to-day effort in reaching for the stars can take its toll, and even be enough to send some running for the hills (and I don’t mean Hollywood). However, for three determined and vivacious men, it is this fight for one’s dream that has fuelled a five part comedy-drama series – Made For This.

The series follows Chase Lombardi, a struggling actor, determined to turn his dream into a reality. Together with his “entourage”; mischievous and quirky best friend, Cole Carlyle, and connected and competent moral compass, Lee Rhodes; the trio navigate the entertainment industry, experiencing its ups and never ending downs, refusing to let the stars in their eyes waver and always remembering that they were Made For This! (more…)