jungle boys

Congratulations Stan Choy – appearing on Ch9’s “Here Come the Habibs” created by our own Rob Shehadie.


When a Lebanese migrant family, the Habibs, strike it rich and move to Australia’s poshest postcode, their neighbours know this can only mean one thing – trouble! Mega-rich suburb, old-money mansion, working-class Lebanese migrant family … there’s no prize for guessing the odd one out. The real mystery is, how on earth did the Habibs fund their prized position in Australia’s wealthiest suburb? Pig-headed dad Fou Fou (Michael Denkha) is a dodgy builder, mum Mariam (Camilla Ah Kin) is a housewife, daughter Layla (Kat Hoyos) is an Instagram-a-holic, middle child Elias (Tyler De Nawi) is a uni student, and Toufic (Sam Alhaje) is a wheeler-dealer entrepreneur.

Neighbour Olivia O’Neill (Helen Dallimore) is determined to drive the Habibs from her world and enlists her husband Jack (Darren Gilshenan) to help in the quest. Daughter Madison (Georgia Flood) doesn’t think the Habibs are all that bad, especially the youngest son. It’s a case of be careful what you wish for in this conflict-charged, fish-out-of-water story, which brings a fresh comic perspective to multicultural Australia.Here Come The Habibs!is the boldest Australian comedy in decades. It is currently in production by Jungleboys, with executive producers Andy Ryan, Jo Rooney, Ben Davies and Jason Burrows. The series created by Rob Shehadie, Tahir Bilgic and Matt Ryan-Garnsey is directed by Darren Ashton and produced by Chloe Rickard. Here Come The Habibs!is proceeding with the assistance of Screen Australia and Screen NSW.