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Making sense of Australia’s foreign actor visa dispute – SMH – 6 Mar.15

Proposed changes to the restrictions on foreign actors in Australian film and television will either spur a production boom or kill the industry, apparently. What’s the truth?

Meryl Streep (with Sam Neill in Evil Angels) would be welcome back to film in Australia. All her mates? Not so much.

If Meryl Streep were to come to Australia to make another film with Fred Schepisi, as she did in 1988 with Evil Angels (based on the Lindy Chamberlain story), there would be few complaints. Even if the production benefited from government subsidies, it would still be an Australian story, with an Australian director, mostly Australian cast and crew, and filmed in Australia – all of it made that bit more sellable to the world thanks to the presence of a bona fide international star. (more…)