Wagga, be prepared to be bowled over – Daily Advertiser – 17 Sep.13

LIGHTS, camera, action – the stage, and the stumps, have been set.

Wagga’s very own feature film, Backyard Ashes, will hold its world premiere in the city on November 6.

The following day it will open in selected cinemas around the region before being released on the metropolitan stage on November 21 to coincide with the Ashes beginning in Australia. 

International showing also isn’t out of the question – with  a sales deal already in place. (more…)

Amazon Studios now accepting short video bids for feature films

Amazon Studios now accepting short film bids on top of series, features

Amazon Studios is hell-bent on developing movies and TV series, and on top of script submissions, it’s now asking filmmakers to send in 2-15 minute long shorts to pitch their feature-length film ideas. Those would serve as a foundation for your project and “express an idea that’s begging to be seen on the big-screen, in full-length, full-budget form,” according to the division’s Hollywonk blog. Amazon Studios will spend 45 days evaluating each submission, and those added to the development slate will receive $10,000. After that, you’ll get put into the development pipeline, which could get you paid writing and directing opportunities, guidance and feedback from partners like Warner Bros., and up to $400,000 if your baby hits theaters. Private submissions are welcome, but if you’re feeling brave, you can also post it for the world to see — hit the source or More Coverage link for more info.


Opinion – Movie money an easy target but critics miss mark – Gary Maddox – SMH – 06.Apr.13

So why are taxpayers spending more than $20 million to get Walt Disney Studios to shoot a blockbuster movie in Australia? Isn’t this just throwing cash – not much more than a bribe – at a hugely profitable Hollywood studio?

Federal Labor backbencher Ed Husic is not alone in questioning why the government is handing so much money to attract 20,000 Leagues under the Sea – the latest movie based on Jules Verne’s novel about Captain Nemo’s adventures – instead of funding hospitals. (more…)

UPDATE: Federal Govt commits $21.6m to lure 20,000 Leagues to Australia

The Gillard Government has today announced a one-off payment of $21.6m to attract the Walt Disney Studios film 20, 000 Leagues Under the Sea: Captain Nemo to Australia.

The project, at one stage rumoured to have Brad Pitt attached, is expected to create up to 2,000 jobs and result in significant investment in Australian businesses working on the big-budget production. (more…)