Stumps pulled on Backyard Ashes

AND that’s a wrap.

Wagga’s first feature film, Backyard Ashes, will finish shooting today and prepare for the long editing process.

There were a few tears expected on set yesterday as the key cast and a team of more than 50 crew members wrapped up production.

“I’m excited for what we’ve got … I might get a bit teary,” producer Anne Robinson said.

“We’ve had people who worked on The Great Gatsby. They’ve gone from a $300 million project to one not even $300,000.”

The final filming on the project will be at Loth Street this morning and will be the opening scene of the film.

“We set up a typical day in the life of suburbia,” Ms Robinson said.

It will have the dads mowing the lawn, kids running under sprinklers and the whole Aussie theme on show.”

More than 100 Wagga locals have been brought in to play extras in the film, which centres on the longrunning cricket feud between England and Australia.

The Riverina Hotel, the RSL Club and nearby cricket nets were also included.

Australian acting icon John Wood finished on set yesterday and said he was excited to see the finished product.

“I think the movie has an enormous potential to be exceptionally charming,” he said.

“I have grown quite fond of Wagga while I have been here; it’s a mixture of old-world charm and modern stuff.”

The editing process will now take between six and eight months and the producers will seek a distributor to put it in the cinemas at a date yet to be set.


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