Lucifer is coming to town

The next multi-million dollar blockbuster movie from the director of I, Robot and Knowing, Australia’s Alex Proyas, will be filmed in Sydney bringing $88 million to the state, the NSW government has announced.

Proyas will direct his version of John Milton’s classic epic Paradise Lost predominantly at Sydney’s Fox Studios, creating 1,300 jobs.

The film will star The Hangover actor Bradley Cooper as Lucifer, and has a release target of 2013.

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The production was lured to Sydney with financial incentives from the state government, Acting Premier Andrew Stoner said.

“This is a major coup for our state,” Mr Stoner told reporters at Fox Studios.

“With fierce competition from rival locations in the United States and Canada, there is no doubt securing Paradise Lost is a major win for the NSW film industry.

“Had we not done this it would have been opportunity lost, not Paradise Lost.”

Proyas said the state government’s support for the production “puts a very clear signal out that the Australian film industry is very much alive and kicking in these difficult times”.

“I think it is a great win for our project, in terms of making the film here, but also for the Aussie film industry,” he said.



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